New Custom Eyes | Realistic Eyes | Eye Color | Unisex | Female Male Custom Eye Color | Set | Mesh | The Sims 4

I made a new realistic eye color set for females and males (Unisex)
You need to do some steps to find the eye color in your game,
so I wrote a not telling you how to find it
Where Can I Find Custom Eyes?

Click here to downlad the file

Drop the file into:
Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

If you have any problem or any question connect me


New Lipstick | Female Makeup | Set | Mesh

I made a new realistic lipstick for females.
You can find it with the Makeup list
choose Lipstick

Click here to downlad the file

Drop the file into:
Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

If you have any problem or any question connect me

Diana Abu Saleh

Sweatshirt | Mesh Set | Female tops | Shirt | The Sims 4 | Sims 4 Custom | Letter | Text

New sweatshirt for women - Winter fashion
The download link is under the picture

Connect me for custom colors\questions\problems

Thank you

Womens Jeans | Skinny, High Waisted & Ripped | The Sims 4 | Female Bottoms | Sims 4 Custom

New skinny high waisted jeans for females, for The Sims 4

Download the file and put it in Mods folder :)

If you have any question or problem connect me

Thank you =)

Army Jeans | Set | Three Colors | Female Bottoms| The Sims 4 | Sims 4 Custom

New army jeans set for The Sims 4 

If you want custom colors  connect me

New Realistic Teeth || Female Skin Details || The Sims 4 || Sims 4 Custom

New realistic teeth for TS4
I create a new teeth design for TS4, it's a new idea in my blog, I create braces for teeth and white teeth, now I created a teeth that looks like real teeth "Human teeth" xD


You can find my CC in your "Skin Details" next to the moles "Left mole" and it may
have default sims 4 mole pictures, it's my fault T_T
download this file and drop it into
Electronic arts/TheSims4/Mods

If you have any questions connect me

New Eyebrows || Facial Hair || Female || Light Brown\Dark Brown\ Black || The Sims 4

Hello again, in this post I'm sharing with you guys a new eyebrows set for
The Sims 4 it's for females only not for both Sims, But I'm gonna do
more custom contents for male also, okay let me go back to our topic :j
Hope you like those eyebrows
Thank you for supporting

Download link

If you have any questions feel free to connect me

New Lipstick Set || Female || Makeup || Set || The Sims 4

Hello my friends,  I've created a new lipstick set with 4 colors
( Red, Pink, Purple, Black )
I edit a real picture and I toke the lips then created a new lipstick.
Hope you'll like it. Thank you for supporting 

Download link

Connect me

Female Male Teeth Braces || Accessory || Set || The Sims 4

Hello, I've just got a new idea of making braces, I thought many simmers 
or custom connect lovers like to put braces for their Sims, teen sims, or children,..
 any other ages, So I made those braces for you. braces has 3 colors
( Black, Gray, Purple )
When I had braces I used only those colors and I think the gray one is better
than others, I never like braces but  someone else do.
So, hope you like it.

Download link

You can find the braces with Accessory (Glasses) if you can't
find it there then you have a problem. Connect me to solve it.

New Custom Eyes || Real Eyes Details & Color || Custom Eye Color || Female Male || The Sims 4

 Hi, I've made new custom eye colors for The Sims 4.
.It has some of real eyes details, I took 3 different picture for those eyes
Every picture has their own eye shape and makeup.
You can do a lot with those eyes.

Download link

Hope you like it. .
If you keep downloading eyes and nothing showing in your game
so you need to visit this page to know how to find your custom eyes

If you still have problems with it or have any other questions

See you soon.

New Short Tank Top Females || Female Tops || Fashion 3 Colors || Set || The Sims 4

Hello everybody, hope you spent a good time today, I create new short
 tank top for female Sims it's very basic and cute I'm gonna use it on my game 
sometimes I create things and I'm sure I'll never ever use it but just having fun with
creating it. I hope you'll like this top set
 ( Dark red, Red, Blue)  

Download link

if you have any problem with the downloading link or having problems with CC
you can just send a message and I'll replay on 24 hours and maybe less.